The Burning Bride

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Published by: Prism Light Press
Release Date: October 25, 2022
Pages: 333



When an anarchist’s bullet barely misses Manhattan society writer Louisa Delafield, Louisa’s publisher insists she leave the city. It seems like an easy assignment until a wedding guest winds up dead with a diamond in his hand. While Louisa tries to solve the mysterious death and perhaps save a would-be bride from making a fatal mistake, her assistant, Ellen Malloy, infiltrates the anarchists enclave to discover who tried to kill Louisa. Instead of finding the shoot-er, she’s conflicted by competing loyalties and betrays the woman she loves. Louisa’s and Ellen’s paths converge in a firestorm of retribution and regret, and the two women realize the choices they have made threaten everything they hold most dear.


Louisa sat at her desk on the third floor of The Ledger, furiously punching the keys of her type-writer as her anger spilled onto the page. L. Byron had the gall to publish another article, condemning all society writers, claiming they betrayed the laborers who set the type, ran the presses and delivered the finished newspapers. He didn’t care if they were all shot.

She didn’t know if the shooter was an anarchist, but if it was a war the vile man wanted, she’d give it to him. She would show him she was unafraid. Finishing the screed with three hash-marks, she pulled the paper from the typewriter carriage and took the stairs to the second floor where the typesetters worked. She wouldn’t trust this one to the copy boy.