Secrets and Spies

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Published by: Prism Light Press
Release Date: Feb. 25, 2023
Pages: 541
ISBN13: 978-1737575146

After the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, New York society writer Louisa Delafield and her assistant Ellen Malloy join in the hunt for German saboteurs who are employing biological and chemical warfare on American soil. The spies have infiltrated all levels of American society, and they’ll do anything from churning out propaganda to cold-blooded murder to keep America from helping the allies. Can two powerless women stop them?


In Secrets and Spies, Louisa and Ellen confront their own conflicting loyalties as they are thrust into a world of subterfuge and deception.

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“Where’s your sidekick?” Billy asked, nodding toward the empty chair where Ellen Malloy usually sat.

“She’s off to Ireland to visit her sick father,” Louisa said. “She leaves tomorrow so I gave her the day off to get ready.”

“Billy rubbed his chin and then asked, “What boat is she taking?”

“The Lusitania,” Louisa said.

Billy went to his desk and returned with the morning’s newspaper. He opened it to her column.

“Mr. Stephens, how long are you going to harangue me about this column? I know it’s not my usual society fare. I may have gone a little — ” she said.

“Look at the advertisement,” he interrupted.

She read the small print from the Cunard Ocean Steamships’ advert aloud, “...vessels flying the flag of Great Britain or any of her allies are liable to destruction...” She looked up at Billy.”

“But the Lusitania is a passenger ship with mostly American citizens,” she said. “I’m sure Germany would never provoke Wilson. This advertisement is just a bluff.” And yet she felt extremely uneasy, thinking of Ellen crossing the Atlantic in the middle of a war, neutrality or no neutrality.

Suddenly the newsroom grew quiet.”

Excerpt From: Trish MacEnulty. “Secrets and Spies (Delafield and Malloy Investigations).” iBooks.