Cinnamon Girl

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Published by: Livingston Press at the University of West Al
Release Date: September 8, 2023
Pages: 316
ISBN13: 978-1604893564


When her step-grandmother, a retired opera singer, dies of cancer in 1970, 15-year-old Eli Burnes runs away with a draft-dodger, thinking she's on the road to adventure and romance. Instead she's embroiled in a world of underground Weathermen, Black Power revolutionaries, snitches and shoot-first police. Eventually Eli is rescued by her father, who turns out both more responsible and more revolutionary than she'd imagined. But when he gets in trouble with the law, she finds herself on the road again, searching for the allies who will help her learn how to save herself.

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When her beloved guardian dies in 1970, 15-year-old Eli Burnes goes to live with her estranged father, expecting to live a "normal" life. Instead she's embroiled in a world of underground Weathermen, revolutionaries, snitches, hippies, and shoot-first police.

“As MacEnulty portrays Eli learning to shoplift (useful in the destruction of capitalism), falling in love, and interacting with members of the Weather Underground, she is careful to avoid heavy messages. The young teen’s naive, first-person narrative gets behind the slogans to confront the big issues of racism, feminism, peace, and love, with a wry take on the hippie culture (from drugs to the Grateful Dead). Of course, those fascinated by the late 1960s will enjoy this atmospheric tale, and so will today’s peaceniks and rebels!”
— Booklist